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A little bit about us

Our local surf school offers surf lessons for all abilities; from complete beginners to those looking for more advanced surf coaching.
Catching a wave and riding it back in towards the shore for the first time is a special moment, remembered and savoured for a lifetime; come and share the experience with our surf instructors in Perranporth, West Cornwall's premier surf school.
The art of riding a wave is a totally unique experience far removed from anything and everything else. Surfing’s simplicity syncronised with the ocean’s natural energy creates an unforgettable feeling of captivation, achievement and total exhilaration.

Welcome to our sport, our passion, our lifestyle.
Welcome to the Ticket to Ride Surfing Academy.
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Will Hayler

The Big Boss

Nationality: British

Number of Years Surfing: 15 Years

Qualifications: BSA Level 2 Accredited Instructor, NARS Beach Lifeguard and South African (LSA) Beach Lifeguard

Countries Surfed: Ireland, Scotland, France Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Indo, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives,
South Africa, Mozambique, Panama,Costa Rica, Fiji

Favourite Wave: Easkey Left and Right, Ireland

In 10 minutes I can...
"wake up, run to the beach, paddle out and catch a wave"

Linley Lewis

The Organiser

Nationality: British
Number of Years Surfing: 10 Years
Qualifications: BSA  Accredited Instructor,  NARS Surf Coach Lifesaver
Countries Surfed: Ireland, Scotland,  Portugal, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,
Mozambique, Panama,Costa Rica,
Favourite Wave: J-bay South Africa
In 10 minutes I can...
"Catch a fish"

Julian Price

Director of Coaching

Qualifications : BSA Level 2 Surf Coach, Beach Lifeguard,
Nationality : British
Number of Years Surfing: 12
Countries Surfe d:
France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Indo and Oz
Favourite Wave
Sunset Glass off session at Perranporth
In 10 minutes I can...
"I can get you standing on a surfboard !!!!!!!"

Baz Hall

Surf Instructor Trainer

Qualifications: ISA Level 1 Course Presenter/Trainer/Assessor, ISA Contest Judge, Surfing GB Trainer/Assessor, BSA/SGB Level 4 Surf Coach, RLSS - NBLQ/ Beach Life Guard Award, RLSS - Beach Lifeguard Trainer/Assessor, RLSS NPLQ Award, SLSGB - Beach Lifeguard award, RNLI Beach Lifeguard, RNLI First Aid for Lifeguards & AED Awards, HSE First Aid at Work, HSE FAW Trainer/Assessor, PTTLS Teaching Qualification

Nationality: British

Number of years Surfing: 35

Countries Surfed: OZ, NZ, South Africa, Indo, Morocco, Europe, California, Sri Lanka, Baja Mexico, UK & Ireland

Favourite Wave: Kirra (Back in the Day), Jbay, Ulus, Fistral

In 10 minutes i can...

"Save someones life"

All good things!!!!!

All good things!!!!!

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Posted BY Surf Academy | 9th Mar, 2012