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Reasons Why to Date a Surfer Boy

The charm that accompanies a surfer cannot be denied. Surfers exude a vibe that’s kind of pleasantly laid back. They also practice a hang-loose approach to life. Not to mention the fact that there is something quite cool about surfers and surfing. When they carry their surfboards down the water and paddle out the waves, they look super-hot.
If you have a surfer boy for a date, you can look forward to some great qualities in them. Expect the following beside a carefree and casual attitude towards life:

• You Will Be Going to the Beach Quite Often

One of the more obvious things about dating surfer boys is that you will be going to the beach often. Whether you go with them or meet them there, the beach is going to be central in your life. This comes with a lot of benefits, like spending your days on the beach is super fun.

• Surfer Boys Are Usually Pretty Happy

It is common to view a surfer as someone who can’t have enough adrenaline. For their daily doses of adrenalin, surfers will apparently take adventurous risks with the smile on their faces. This perception has its basis in science. This scientific view holds that surfers feel happy due to air and water chemicals created by the crashing waves. Ocean turbulence modifies both the water as well as air. The atmosphere and water molecules break apart to let loose charged ions.
As per scientists, these ions make the body secrete hormones that make you feel happy. Not only that, but it also helps in the body circulation of blood and oxygen. This makes surfers feel calm when they come out of the water.

• Surfers Are Super Cool

Surfing has a cool status for quite a while. Its coolness was there before the popularity of the counterculture of the 50s. Anti-mainstream was the mood of the time, and surfing was right there in the margins. Along with yogis and hippies, surfers were the coolest people around.
Going mainstream has not robbed surfing of its cool nature. This is due to the fact surfing is so much more than merely another sport. It extends to philosophy with a worldview. Like Buddhists, surfers perceive everything to be temporary. To them, the here and now matters the most. In their lives, what matters is the sun, wave, and sky.
If you do decide to date a surfer, you are sure to take notice of how cool these people are. It makes you far more open about life. Surfers introduce you to not only a lifestyle but a state of mind. If you are looking for a surfer date, Adult Friend Finder is a pretty good option as these adult friend finder reviews claim.

• With a Surfer Adventure Is a Part of Life

Almost always, dating surfers mean that you have everything to spend a great time together. You can finally say goodbye to the dull weekly movies and dinner routine. With a surfer and some imagination, the possibilities of life really open up for you!

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All good things!!!!!

All good things!!!!!

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Posted BY Surf Academy | 9th Mar, 2012