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Kitesurf Lessons

Kitesurfing has launched itself into the watersporting lime light over the last 10 years and those who have tried it, understand exactly why. The sport grew from a number of other freesport disciplines with influences coming from paragliding, windsurfing, wakeboarding and surfing but very quickly defined itself as a sport in its own right; it offers something totally unique and utterly addictive.

A great quality of the sport is the speed at which you can develop your kitesurf independece.The learning curve is steep, but with our lessons and courses we will get you up on the board feeling the ‘buzz factor’ of skimming across the top of the water at speed, which will have you instantly hooked.

With the advancements in the equipment technology and internationally accepted teaching and coaching procedures and standards it has never been safer to learn.

Kite Lessons £35 per person

Although the courses are undoubtedly the best starting point to learn to kitesurf sometimes some private coaching can hugely accelerate your learning or give you the chance for working on some annoying hurdles.

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Kite Courses £100 per person

If you would like to learn to kitesurf booking onto a course is the essential starting point. Although kitesurfing is not as hard to learn as you may think...

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Power Kite Lessons £18 per person

Powerkiting is an exciting and accessible sport. Simply enjoy the thrill of flying small foil kites; learn scudding (sliding along the beach on your feet) or start trying some jumps using the kite to boost you up...

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All good things!!!!!

All good things!!!!!

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Posted BY Surf Academy | 9th Mar, 2012